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      About us

              Suzhou Shinsige Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is a domestic most professional and the most competitive supplier of heat conductive material and adhesive glue. The company sales of conductive materials (gaskets, silicone grease, phase change, heat conduction, cloth) EMI materials, electronic industrial adhesives, want to give you the products provide the highest price than the scheme.
              The company has scientific and technical personnel and scientific management mode and perfect pre-sales first-class customer service service system, and with high quality products, competitive price, timely and thoughtful service to win the trust and support of customers.
              With the spirit of "science and technology revolution, production excellence forging brand" business philosophy, Suzhou Xin Sijie electronic technology limited company will continue to develop innovative, practical development, not only committed to the marketing of the domestic market, pay more attention to the overseas market. Facing the new economic situation, efforts will continue to be made to accelerate the optimization and innovation of the production process, to promote the development of science, technology and commerce, and to create the resplendence of tomorrow through sincere cooperation with all sides!
              We are willing to serve you with all our heart! Welcome to call, letter business negotiations, to provide you with our quality products and services!


      Contact: Mr. Dewen

      Phone: 13338056186

      Tel: 0512-57779081/57779061

      Email: Dewen@shinsige.com

      Add: Mould material area of Kunshan International Mould City, No. 3888 Kunshan International Mould City, Yushan, Kunshan, Jiangsu